Friday, January 22, 2016

Palm Canyon

Friday, January 22, 2016

After coffee and breakfast this morning, the whole crew headed up to Palm Canyon.  We intentionally waited until about 12:30, hoping to catch the palm trees in full sunlight.

Here is a view as we are driving east on Palm Canyon Road.  You can see the white line in the center of the photo running right up to the canyon entrance.

Palm Canyon in the Kofa Mountains

Dolly and Fergie coming up the canyon trail, taking photos as they go.

Dolly and Fergie walking up the canyon trail  Dolly and Fergie walking down the canyon trail

Dolly taking a photo

Yuma walking the trail.

Yuma walking the trail

This is the view of the Chocolate Mountains looking west as we enter the canyon.

Black Mountains

This is the view of the Trigo Mountains looking west as we enter the canyon.

Trigo Mountains

The trees are located about a half mile into the canyon in a crevice high on the canyon wall.  The sun only hits them for a short time during the day.

We were lucky and hit them at the perfect time.

Palm Trees

Palm Trees Palm Trees

Palm Trees  Palm trees

After our long hike the dogs were pooped, so I helped them to rest.

Me, Fergie and Yuma resting and Palm Canyon Camp at dusk

Campsite in Kofa Mountains

See you later.

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