Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Washed the RV

Tuesday. January 5, 2016

Today turned out to be a beautiful day.  We had partly cloudy skies and 60 degree temperatures.  We decided to take the motorhome to an RV wash here in Tucson.  The motorhome was filthy and had salt on it from the roadtrip.  We wanted to get rid of the salt.  Found Tucson RV Wash about 13 miles down the road from us.  About noon we closed everything up, left the jeep and headed across town.  They did a great job and it was only $45, including a $10 tip.




From there we did a google search for the nearest Walmart to do some shopping.  I don’t know how we ever survived before Google Maps.  Just put in what you want to find in the Google Search and then it talks you right to the place you want to go using a map.  Technology is amazing.  Did our shopping and we were done by 2:30. 

Did a little practicing on my guitar.  Yuma and Fergie are the only ones that can stand my playing.


I forgot to mention that yestereday, I fixed the bathroom door.  We have owned the RV for three years and the bathroom door would never stay shut.  If you were not on flat ground the door would always swing open.  And it would swing open while driving down the road unless you put something up against it.  Well, yesterday was the day to see why it wouldn’t shut. 

Took a look at it and could see the strike plate in the wall was about a half inch too low to fit properly with the door latch assembly.  Removed the strike plate and got out my drill and half inch drill bit and drilled a hole a half inch lower.  Screwed the strike plate back in place over the hole and now the door latches properly.  It is wonderful to close the bathroom door and it latches and stays closed.

Since I was so good with the door yesterday, I decided to figure out why the switch button for the inverter would not work.  Last year, it wouldn’t work because the switch button was  bad.  Replaced that last summer, but never got around to testing it.  Well, the new one doesn’t work either.  So, I crawled under the motorhome and followed the telephone wire that goes from the inverter across the underside of the motorhome and up through a bay and into the motorhome where I wanted the switch located.  Didn’t go very far before I saw the problem.   When I put the telephone wire in originally, I ran it between the frame and bottom of the motorhome in a place where it would be cut when the motorhome bounced hard.

I then took the Jeep down to the ACE Hardware store and got a new telephone wire, came back and tested it with the new wire.  Worked perfectly.  I then rewired it, but this time ran it under the motorhome in a place that had plenty of room between the frame and the bottom of the motorhome.  Now I no longer have to go outside, go around the motorhome, crawl under the slide, open the bay and manually switch the inverter off and on.

All in all, it as been a good couple of days to get things done around the motorhome.

See you later.


  1. Sounds like you have successfully switched from traveling mode to vacation mode.

    1. Yes, we have. We are relaxing at the casino here in Tucson, waiting for the rains to pass. Looks like we are now almost done. May head to Ajo today if the weather holds up.

      We're starting to relax, but for some reason, I have been tired and still trying to get my energy back. The long drive took a toll this year.

  2. We actually left the fiver yesterday because the sun was peeking through the clouds. But the rain made up for it last night. Jim also wired out inverter so it can be switched off and on inside. One of the bes things ever.

    1. Looks like a wetter winter here in Arizona. Makes boondocking a lot less fun when you have mud everywhere. Hope we have some dry spells.

      I'm glad I finally fixed my inverter switch. I was tired of it not working. Hopefully, it works for awhile.