Friday, January 15, 2016

Darby Well Cemetery

Friday, January 15, 2016

Yesterday morning started out with overcast skies and cool temperatures.  We stayed in the motorhome until about 1 PM and then the sun came out and warmed everything, so we decided to take a drive west on Darby Well Road to the cemetery.

The west side of Black Mountain.

Black Mountain

Don’t leave me!


I went left at the first fork in the road, but after a couple miles, I realized I took the wrong fork.  Instead of driving all the way back and taking the other fork, I took the first jeep road going in that direction.

Little Ajo Mountains

As it turned out, the jeep road was a rough one.  It went into the hills and as we came over one rise, we could see the whole Valley of the Ajo.  The day was clear and we could see all around us.

Jeep roadOrgan Pipe Cactus

Tailings from the Ajo Open Pit Mine in the background.

Ajo Open Pit Mine tailings

Fergie and Yuma sniffing around.

Yuma and Fergie sniffing around

Mountains to the south

After walking around and taking photos, we kept going for the Scenic Drive Road.  The road kept getting more narrow and there were many large and small washes.  Finally, when trying to cross a small wash with a steep incline, we got stuck.  Solved it by putting the jeep in four-wheel drive.  Pulled us out of the sand and up the incline with no problem.  First time I’ve had to use the four-wheel drive this year.

Jeep road

Just before reaching the road, we passed a group camping way back in the bush.  I think they were shocked when we came out of the brush and passed their camp.  We were soon at the road.

Soon, I came to the fork in the road I thought I had taken before and went to the left on W. Alley Road and arrived at the cemetery.

The cemetery is old but is still being used.  Most of the names we read were Mexican, but I’m sure there are Indians here too.  Most of the grave sites only had white crosses without names.

Darby Well Cemetery

Darby Well CemeteryDarby Well CemeteryDSC00825-001

Black Mountain in the background.

Darby Well Cemetery with Black Mountain

See you later.


  1. Nice to see you posting, and nice to see Yuma. Looks like he's bonded with you and not going to run off again.

  2. Yuma is part of the family now. No fear of him running now.
    We're having a great time. Yuma loves running free.

  3. You would be much better off being in 4WD before you get stuck! The front wheels on most 4WD vehicles need to rotate once before the hubs can lock into the axles (not sure about Jeep though) so if they don't spin once you remain in rear 2WD. At any rate you need to exercise 4WD components on a regular basis to keep them properly lubed, so when you have an opportunity on dirt roads to use 4WD go ahead and use it for at least a few miles.